Business and Finance Series Training 2020


Basic/Advanced Accounting.
Report and Budgeting.
Advanced Accounting.
Business Finance: Understanding Basic Financial Statement & Draft Business Plan.
Business And Finance Appreciation.
Personal Finance For Individuals and Business (SME).
Building Finance Into Your Management Practice.

1- Finance Workshop for Non-Financial Executives (2-3 Days)

From finance basics to understanding the essence of cash flow to corporate value creation, this comprehensive training program covers all aspects of corporate finance. Get a complete financial education in just four days…and be prepared to make more powerful, informed business decisions. From understanding the essence of cash flow to learning how to create value on a corporate level, this comprehensive program covers all the principles of corporate finance.

2- Managing Your Costs and Budget More Effectively (2-3 Days)

Do you know the costs associated with every area you oversee? Do you fully understand the financial impact of your decisions? Are you familiar with the ins and outs of forecasting and budgeting?
In this course, you will discover how to quantify the results of your work. Determine whether the profit earned is higher than the costs of site space, machines, inventory, customer credit, etc. And measure the value you create.
How You Will Benefit

3- Building Finance Into Your Management Practices (2-3 Days)
Do you “get” economic and financial performance? Are you familiar with the language of finance? Aware of the financial consequences of your decisions? Did you know that your decisions are actually all financial decisions? That’s why it is essential for you to understand the financial consequences of your actions. Once you clearly understand the ins and outs of economic and financial performance, better decision-making will follow.

4- Understanding Basic Financial Statement and Draft Business Plan (2 Days)
Do you know that many Small Business Owners fail to understand key components in financial statements, alarming cash flow and to read a simple profit and loss as well as key elements within? This workshop focus is driven on instilling an understanding of the basic financial report, key elements to focus on determining an organization’s financial health check. To lead and guide draft key success factors in business plan, areas that focus on funding or seeking investors.

5- Personal Finance for Individuals and Business (SMEs) (2 Days)

Do you know that keeping and managing wealth is as important as building the wealth itself, failing to manage it may cost financial distress and up to depression as managing wealth normally arise at a post-retirement stage, where one is no longer in service and has no active income! Understand the importance of financial cycle in life, understand the financial instrument in the markets, assist to smoothen personal life goals and SME’s. Avoid making financial mistakes and guide towards best practice in personal finance from personal debt management, investment, risk management, building asset column up to post-retirement strategy.

6- Business and Finance Appreciation (2 Days)

Do you understand what it takes to understand your business, a simple approach to understand how a business and financial component works. Focus drove on the understanding of business concepts, elements, and principles. Types of business models available. Component of the business plan. Marketing.Operations. Customer service. Accounting and finance.

In-House Program

In-House Program provides a greats opportunity for personnel from the same organization to focus on specific workplace issues.Click here for full program —> FMC Training Consultancy

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