Improve Business Performance, Mitigate Risk, Strategize challenge into opportunities, branding for performance, people performance driven.

Management Consulting 

This is your disrupted world, and ours. Advancing technology and changing business models have transformed the rules and risks of the game.

  • What does your business need to do to thrive?.
  • How can we help you change things?.
  • Where will you start?.

Business Strategy & Competitiveness Analysis

In the face of rapid change, you can’t get by with a stagnant operating model or a strategy that sits on the shelf. We work with you to envision, develop and execute dynamic business strategies that drive profitability amid disruption.

Outplacement & Outsourcing

Yes there is in the present economic climate – all individuals leaving companies need the assistance of skilled consultants to assist them in defining their future direction. To re-skill, re-align mindset, ad re-apply another position.

In many respects the work of specialists in Career Development reflect that of those offering Outplacement services due to the economic climate where so many people are being downsize from respective organisation. We are here to assist to smoothen above process from consulting, training, coaching and placement.

Sales Stream

Area focus driven that we able to assist in Sales Process Pipeline.

  • It’s so hard to maintain consistent sales!.
  • I have ideas but i don’t know how to attract more customers…

Human Capital Development

Human capital is a collection of traits – all the knowledge, talents, skills, abilities, experience, intelligence, training, judgment, and wisdom possessed individually and collectively by individuals in a population. These resources are the total capacity of the people that represents a form of wealth which can be directed to accomplish the goals of the nation or state or a portion thereof.

Strategic Planning

The Coronavirus pandemic has traveled around the globe and as at the last count affected nearly 200 countries within a short period. It has taken most countries by surprise and set off motion to mitigate or stave off the deadly spread that can ultimately lead to death.

This pandemic has caused a global crisis, and it has proved that many businesses do not take a strategic, systematic, and coordinated approach to risk management, and some still not taking any strategic action to completely rethink the effectiveness of the present business approach to remain relevant in years to come. The business is no longer, as usual, the digital adoption becomes mandatory; employees were told to work from home, suppliers having difficulties on the disrupted supply chain, a commitment towards innovation and a sustainable value proposition that helps the community and the planet.

The key now will be to move from crisis management to interim and long-term strategic planning knowing what we will face tomorrow. In a McKinsey & Co. paper, they state that the key to resetting existing strategic plans is a focus on long-term employee wellness, delivering essential value-added services to consumers, and fulfilling the social and financial wellness needs of the community.

You might not need to re-visit your organization strategic plan if all the answers are ‘YES’

  • Are we on the right path?
  • Have we corrected far enough around this obstacle?
  • Do we still have enough resources?
  • Will we get there in time?

Does our organization have …

  • Long lead time for improvements
  • The vision that doesn’t match activities
  • Annual objectives rolled out for many months
  • Year-to-year plans that never seem to connect
  • Too many projects in flight with delivering the promised results
  • Employees who don’t feel a part of a team

The objective of strategic planning.

  • To create a clear vision and action plan
  • Prioritization and focus
  • To discuss the core issues affecting your organization, (Scenario planning, competitors, changing trends, technology adoption, customer orientation, etc.)
  • Alignment with the team
  • Support culture and business transformation.

The process of strategic planning

  • Establish organization vision
  • Develop breakthrough objectives
  • Develop annual objectives
  • Deploy annual objectives
  • Implement annual objectives
  • Monthly review
  • Annual review

Does your company incorporate integrate risk management into strategic planning?

At FMC, we assist clients by providing solutions to Strategic Initiatives and understanding engagement, Strategic organization business risk workshop, and a full-fledge of development of a new strategic business perspective.

We tailor made our services to meet client’s unique needs and if you look forward to further inquire programs that suit your business climate, we are here to listen and cater your unique needs. Reach us at